God doesn’t want your marriage to simply survive. He wants it to be superabundant.

The Choice Wine will help you experience the superabundant joy intended for marriage from the beginning.


Follow Steve Bollman on an amazing journey as he integrates the latest findings from modern science with the wisdom of the ages and a little common sense to expand your vision of marriage.


  • The neurological research revealing the reality that husband and wife truly “become one”.
  • The medical science indicating that the human person transcends the limits of the visible world.
  • The neurological reality that spouses are driven to be profoundly merciful to each other.

Along the way, you’ll read about amazing stories destined to touch your heart.

  • The Nobel Laureate in Medicine who witnessed two instantaneous miracles.
  • The mother whose prayers transformed the heart of a mafia enforcer.
  • A very special couple who reveals the power of love to transcend the limits of this world to have a foretaste of Paradise.

The Choice Wine Book is perfect…


…for Couples to journey through together


…as a companion to the Church Program


…as a gift for a newly engaged or recently married couple


…for any couple that wants to continually improve their marriage


…for parents to read and pass on to their married children

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